Acupuncture Vs Drugs For Hot Flashes

estimated sixty fifth of girls being treated for breast cancer. regardless of what brings them on, any woman who has ever had one feels the flushing, burning heat as never before. Recent research by a team at Henry Ford Hospital checked out the effectiveness of antidepressant Effexor (a common treatment choice for breast cancer patients) and a staple of ancient Chinese drugs, acupuncture for handling these very uncomfortable and disruptive symptoms. While hormone replacement therapy is often counseled for menopausal ladies to assist them beat the warmth, these medicine are not an choice for breast cancer patients. For these ladies, Effexor has been shown effective, as have Prosac and Paxil. Still, there are many that refuse these therapies; either attributable to concern over aspect effects or a need to limit the amount of medication they are putting into their bodies. Researchers, led by radiation oncologist Dr. Eleanor Walker of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit worked with acupuncturist Beth Kohn to complete the study. Participants were randomly assigned to receive acupuncture treatments or take the Effexor for the period of the twelve week study. The results were presented at an yank Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology meeting held last week in Boston. generic effexor no prescription While each strategies proved effective in reducing the amount of hot flashes within the subjects, those who received acupuncture throughout the study noted different edges similarly. while not aspect effects, the treatment brought subjects increased energy, a higher sense of wellbeing and more sexual need. Those who took Effexor throughout the study did notice relief for his or her hot flashes with effexor xr generic vs brand the drug.
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